Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ulverston memorials

I recently went to Lancashire RO to carry on my search for Caddy's, I decided to do some research on Caddy's in Ulverston, again like Cartmel the majority of records are held at Kendal RO and the ones Lancs RO have don't really cover the years I was looking for. Anyway not to worry there are always lots of other ways of finding missing people.

I found a transcription of the memorial inscriptions at Ulverston, which out to be very useful. I knew one of the brothers of my John Caddy, Michael, had ended up in Ulverston from finding him on the census returns for 1841, 1851 and 1861 and it was great to find the following with with the memorial inscriptions.

In Memory of Michael Caddy of this town Joiner who departed this life 10 July 1868 aged 77 years. Also of Sarah wife of Michael Caddy who died 11 Jun 1862 aged 77 yrs. Also of Jonathan Caddy, Painter, their eldest son who died 30 Jan 1869 aged 50 yrs. Also of William Henry Caddy, Painter, son of the last named who died 5 Apr 1872 aged 25 yrs. Also of Mary Ann wife of the above Jonathan Caddy who died 23 Nov 1892 aged 75 yrs

This tallies with what I had found already regarding Michael, that he was a joiner and had married a Sarah and the childrens names are the same as the ones I found on the census.

I also found this regarding James Caddy who I believe is the brother of my great (x5) grandfather Jonathan Caddy

In memory of James Caddy late of Gill, Yeoman who departed this life 31 July 1834 aged 77 yrs. Also of Agnes his wife who died at Little Urswick 9 Jan 1823 aged 73. This monument is erected by their 3 surviving children Margaret dau of the above who died 24 Jul 1844 aged 62 yrs. The Rev Thomas Caddy incumbrent of Whitbeck, Cumberlaqnd son of the above who died 28 Sep 1842 aged 62 years, Roger James son in law of the above who died at St Johns Vicarage, Worcester 9 May 1854 aged 65 yrs. Agnes James relict of the last named who died at Kirkburn Vicarage 6 May 1875 aged 83 yrs.

So this now gives me a link to the Rev Thomas Caddy who died in Whitbeck.

So lots more people and things to look up, just wish I had more time to do it :o(

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Caddy graveyards Cartmel

Sacred to the memory of Philip Caddy of Greenbank and Margaret Stephenson late of Ulverston.

The former died at Greenbank June 15th 1841 aged 72, the later at Wallnook Dec 17th 1845 aged 87. They were the last survivors of nine children of Jonathan Caddy Maltster and Margaret his wife viz sons Jonathan. James, Robert, Henry, William and Philip, daughters Margaret, Ruth and Agnes

Sacred to the memory of Ann wife of Henry Caddy, Maltster, Greenbank who departed this life the 13th day of August 1849 aged 60 years. Also the above mentioned Henry Caddy who departed this life on the 23rd April 1857 aged 72 years. Also Jonathan son of the above mentioned Henry and Ann Caddy who departed this life 24th Dec 1851 aged 26. Also Margaret first wife of the above named Henry Caddy who departed this life ........

Caddy's part 2

This is a picture of the church at Cartmel, now known as Cartmel Priory, church name St Mary & St Michaels.

I finally got round to going to Kendal RO, good day as well I managed to get a parking space outside the building.

Searching through the Cartmel St Mary & St Michaels registers I found another child of my John Caddy and Elizabeth (still no surname) who was called Philip and baptised on 1st April 1821. Since coming back from Kendal I found a Philip Caddy who I thought might be the right one and he married Eleanor Thompson in 1859. So I sent for the marriage certificate to see who it had for Philip's father, this does confirm that it's a good match. Father down as John Caddy, Labourer and they are living not too far from Cartmel where the family are from.

I then couldn't find Philip on the 1861 census but did find a possible death on 19th December1860, which I sent off for. The age matches my Philip. Poor guy's cause of death was "killed by falling down an iron ore shaft" and place of death was Lindale Moor, which I have since found out was a local Iron Ore mine close to where they were living. I then finally tracked down his wife, noted as being called Ellen Caddy on the 1861 census living with her mother Marie Thompson and her daughter Elizabeth Margaret Caddy (born in 1860). So thats another line to follow when I have some spare time.

Back to what I found at Kendal - I wanted to find a link between my John Caddy (1787/1788) and Henry Caddy (c1784) who is the ancestor of a lady who has contacted me recently and I feel they were probably brothers. Anyway I found a John Caddy born 5 July 1788 in Flookburgh, which is the place of birth my John has used on the census returns. The fathers name was Jonathan Caddy and mother Anne. So searching through more baptism records I found Jonathan baptised 23 Feb 1777, Margaret born 20 Dec 1778, another Jonathan born 20 Aug 1781, Harry born 14 Dec 1784, Michael 28 Jan 1793 and William 29 Jan 1796 all born in Flookburgh and parents Jonathan and Anne Caddy. I think Harry is the Henry I have been trying to find a link too. I was a little worried at first because of finding 2 Jonathan's but searching the burials I found a Jonathan who died 26 Sep 1777 so that must be the first child.

Searching further back I couldn't find a marriage of Jonathan and Anne, so will have to search in the area of Cartmel when I have some more time to go back to Kendal.

I do have more to tell but not enough time to tell it now, will follow on soon

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Caddy's part 1

I have neglected this blog for far too long and need to try and make more of an effort to keep it up-to-date.

For the last couple of months I have been concentrating on my Caddy line, So far I have 3 generations of Caddy's starting with my 2x great grandmother Eleanor Caddy who was born in Barbon, Westmorland in 1864. Her father was John Caddy he was born in 1829 in Grange, Lancashire. From John's marriage certificate I found that his father was a Labourer and was also called John.

On the 1841 census I find John (c1829) living with his father John and other children Betsy, Ellen and William, As there are no relationships on the 1841 census I decided I need to check all these children to clarify whether or not they were all siblings. Further census returns for John say that he was born in Cartmel.

I did a search on the Lancs OPC website and found 3 baptisms at Cartmel St Mary & St Michael, one for Ellen baptised 24 Mar 1833 parents John and Elizabeth, one for a child called Henry baptised in 1851 who's parents were Jonathan and Agnes and William baptised 3 Dec 1837 who was the child of Margaret single woman.

The William born 1837 was a possible match for the William I found on the 1841 census, so now I need to find out who Margaret Caddy . Anyway I decided I need to find the baptism records for John, Betsy and now Margaret Caddy and as I live within 3 miles of the Lancashire RO I tried there first as they do have some of the parish records for Cartmel, although the majority of them are at Kendal RO.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that between 1815 and 1833 I found 8 children being born to John and Elizabeth Caddy, all baptised at St Mary and St Michaels in Cartmel. Alice 1815, Jonathan 1817, Margaret 1819, Anne 1823, James 1825, Betsey 1827, John 1829 and then Ellen 1833. If these are all my Caddys then the William Caddy born 1837 must be the child of Margaret 1819. I also looked through the burials and found John Caddy who died in 1867 aged 79 and Betsy 1838 aged 46 and Alice 1823 aged 7.

Once home I then looked for Margaret she married Thomas Gawith in 1841 and by the 1851 census son William is living with her and her husband in Dalton. I found the marriage record in the Lancs OPC website and this confirms that her father was John Caddy a Labourer.

The John and Elizabeth Caddy for all the above baptisms do seem to tally with each other, in that they all have them living in Grange and occupation is either Labourer/Farmer or Husbandman. I have looked for another John Caddy who this could be but he seems to be the only one suitable.

I still need to find the marriage of John and Elizabeth, which I think I am going to have to go to Kendal RO to find now.

Since finding the above I have been to Cartmel St Mary & St Michael to look for any gravestones that might shed more light on my Caddy's I will write off now and tell you about that soon.

Fernando Rafferty Roy

Here is the latest addition to our family, my new little nephew Fernando Rafferty Roy Walmsley

He was born on Tuesday 30th June 2009 weighing 6lb 13oz., he is my brothers first child.

Isn't he beautiful :o)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

William French 1871-1871

Just a little update on the French family and my great grandfather Henry's brother William.

The birth certificate arrived and as I thought it is the right child. He was born William French 3 Aug 1871 to parents Michael French and Margaret Moylan and the family were living at 8 Back Bolton Street, Preston. As I said previously this is the address the family were living at in 1871 and at the time of their son Henry's birth in August 1872.

His birth was registered on the 23 August 1871 and he died 3 days later on the 26th. His mother registered both the birth and the death, on the 28th, within 5 days of each other. How sad must that have been for her.